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Republic of Moldova
  • Constitution of the Moldovan SSR, 1941
  • Constitution of the Moldovan SSR, 1978
  • Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, 1994

The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova1, 1994, sets in its 37th Article the basis of its environmental protection policies:
1. “Every human being has the right to live in an environment that is ecologically safe for life and health, to obtain healthy food products and harmless household appliances.
2. The State guarantees every citizen the right of free access to truthful information regarding the state of the natural environment, the living and working conditions and the quality of food products and household appliances.
3. Non-disclosure or falsifications of information regarding factors detrimental to human health constitute offenses punishable by law.
4. Private individuals and legal entities shall be held responsible before the law for any damages they may cause to personal health and property due to an ecological offense.”

Article 59 also states that: “it is the duty of every citizen to protect the natural environment, and to preserve and protect the country’s historical and cultural sites and monuments.”
Article 126 finally states that the State must ensure “f) the restoration and protection of the environment and the maintenance of ecological balance”.

Moldova adopted in 1993 the Law on Environmental Protection, which says in its Preamble that “the environmental protection is national priority which is directly concerned with the life conditions and health of the population, the fulfilment of economic, social and personal interests of the society, as well as the potentials for future steady development of society”. Article 2 of the present Law “is a basic legal frame for elaboration of special normative acts and instructions on special problems in the sphere of environmental protection with the purpose of:
-insurance of a healthy, prodigious and aesthetically pleasant environment for all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova;
-insurance of the supreme responsibility of every generation to protect the environment for future generations;
-insurance of a wide range use of natural resources, not violating the norms of their endurance, avoiding their exhaustion and .degradation, damage for health, and other unforeseen and unwished consequences;
-the soil and underground, water and air protection against chemical, physical and biologic pollution by other actions which violate the natural equilibrium;
-the biologic diversity, genetic stock, natural systems integrity preservation, historic and cultural aspects of the national treasure maintenance;
-the reconstruction of ecologic system and their components, damaged by anthropogenic activity or by natural disasters”.

1. The Constitution is not currently available in English on the Constitutional Court’s official website. An English version of the Constitution can be found here.